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Law Office of
Richard M. Ross

770 L Street, Suite 950
Sacramento, CA 95814

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California Government Law, Toxics & Environmental, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Drug, Health Care Delivery,  Land Use & Agriculture

Working with a government agency is not like dealing with a customer, colleague or even a competitor. It involves dealing with a legislature that sets the rules, an executive branch charged with implementing those rules, and courts with the power to overrule everyone else. Knowing when to speak out, when to reach out, and when to walk out is not easy. Knowing who to talk to, and when, can pose especially difficult issues.
Located in California’s capitol, our AV-rated practice focuses on helping make and carry out those decisions. We have dealt with local, state and federal issues for 35 years – crafting legislation, negotiating with the executive branch, and seeking judicial review.

We provide California Counsel, with insight into California government.  We are often associated in by clients' regular counsel, their governmental advocates, or their trade associations.  Increasingly, we are found on the internet.    

The Focus of Our Legal Practice

Over the years, we have dealt with virtually every agency of the State of California, on matters ranging from regulation of financial institutions to provision of social services.   At the same time with have dealt with a plethora of federal and local agencies.  We focus primarily on the following:

Toxics & Environmental Law

Richard Ross has worked with environmental issues since the 1960's. He has represented virtually every type of business, and numerous government agencies, on environmental issues ranging from endangered species to hazardous wastes, Proposition 65, the Coastal Act and air emissions.


Pharmaceutical Law

Richard Ross routinely counsels manufacturers with regard to California law and he is the leading manufacturers’ litigator on drug issues in Sacramento.


Food & Drug

Richard Ross is one of the few attorneys with extensive experience in California food and drug law. He has represented the state, and major name-brand companies, on such issues as label contents, health/sanitation, wholesomeness, weights and measures and unfair business practices.


Health Care Delivery

Richard Ross represented the California Department of Health Services and other health agencies for 14 years, dealing with licensure, reimbursement, and other health and social service related issues. His clients have included hospitals, migrant health clinics, physicians, associations, religious institutions, manufacturers, and state contractors.


Land Use & Agricultural Law

Richard Ross has been involved in agriculture his entire life. He and his family are producers, and he has worked for food processors and regulatory agencies. His clients have included farms, ranches, pesticide applicators, processors, cooperatives, and special districts with regard to issues ranging from the environment to horse breeding.  Representing agricultural landowners over the years has lead to significant involvement with land use issues including planning, zoning, subdivision and open space. 

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